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Dan Tim

Dan Tim

Staff Member
Graphics & Design Ambassador

About Dan Tim

Dan helps to design and create various graphics related to social media and the overall DMZ brand.

Dan is a third-year Global Management student. Despite being a business major, he has a passion for graphic designing and the creative arts. Dan was a graphic designer for multiple student groups at Toronto Metropolitan University, including the TMU Investment Group and the Information Technology Management Students’ Association.

He is also a huge NBA fan, as seen from his basketball design page on Instagram (@gfx.dt).

Fun fact: Dan used to work at Little Caesars for 4 years, where he was a certified pizza genius.

Get to know Dan Tim

Favourite season and why?
The fall. I love the fall vibes like the mild weather, leaves changing colours, and my birthday is during this season!

Favourite pizza topping?

If you could be any TV show character, who would it be?
Cosmo Kramer.

How do you relax?

If I could have any superpower I would choose …
Aquatic breathing (I can’t swim).