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Emily Collins

Emily Collins

Staff Member
Manager, Marketing and Communications

About Emily Collins

Emily manages the creation and execution of marketing, communications, and public relations strategies to effectively position the DMZ as a world-leading startup incubator.  In her position, she also supports founders’ marketing efforts – from their media strategy, to brand positioning, to content development – to help raise the profile of DMZ-established startups, both at national and international levels.

Before joining the DMZ in 2020, Emily held roles in several diverse sectors, including tech, education, and tourism. Late 2017 marked the start of Emily’s work in the Toronto Metropolitan University ecosystem; she has since developed a passion for working in environments that support students, entrepreneurs and startups in Canada and around the world. Her work involvement in Toronto’s entrepreneurial and small business communities ultimately fuelled her interest to continue her career at the DMZ, supporting the growth of made-in-Canada startups.

Emily has a Bachelor of Commerce from Memorial University of Newfoundland and a Master of Professional Communications from Toronto Metropolitan University.

Get to know Emily Collins

Favourite travel destination?
Cappadocia, Turkey. Hundreds of hot air balloons fill the sky every sunrise, it was one of the most magical places I’ve been hands down.

What is one item you never leave your house without?
Phone and a water bottle. I don’t know how people leave the house without water!

How do you relax?
Spending time outside in the sun, or eating.

What is your hometown?
St. John’s, Newfoundland

What’s the best part about working at the DMZ?
Seeing startups innovate and helping share their successes with the tech community.