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Michael Onobote

Michael Onobote

Staff Member
Sr. Programs Lead, Black Innovation Programs

About Michael Onobote

As the Sr. Programs Lead for DMZ’s Black Innovation Program (BIP), Michael helps founders by connecting them with the right resources, networks and tools to start and scale their businesses.

Michael is a passionate individual with over 11 years experience working across the intersections of education, digital technologies and the entrepreneurship ecosystem to improve the quality of lives of people. His early professional years shaped his passion for technology and digital innovation, and now he specializes in designing and implementing capacity building programs, supporting entrepreneurs across various continents and ultimately using technology for social good.

He enjoys working on fun complex projects and has managed various programs at national and regional levels for international organizations such as UNESCO and the African Development Bank.

He also volunteers as an entrepreneurship mentor for Seedstars Global and is a global speaker on digital skilling, job creation and building sustainable businesses with an inclusive mindset.

Get to know Michael Onobote

Favourite vacation spot?
Venice, Italy, any day.

Favourite TV Show?
The Office! (Shoutout to Michael Scott)

How do you relax?
Music and PC video games (Pro Evolution Soccer fan here!)

Favourite artist?

What’s your go-to karaoke song?
Jason Mraz - Lucky (feat. Colbie Caillat)