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The podcast for entrepreneurs

The DMZ Movers and Shakers (M&S) podcast is a production of The DMZ. Ranked as the top university-based tech incubator in the world, the DMZ provides a launchpad for founders to build and scale fast. To date, the DMZ has helped more than 400 startups raise $917+ million in capital and create 4,000+ jobs.

On this motivation packed podcast, M&S host Robert Gold, Managing Partner of Bennett Gold LLP, speaks with the movers and shakers of the global tech community about emerging technologies, leadership tactics, the dos and don'ts of entrepreneurship and much more.

Meet our Host

Robert Gold

Robert Gold, MBA, FCPA, FCA is the Managing Partner of Bennett Gold LLP Chartered Accountants and CPAs. He was chosen as Toronto Life’s ‘Accountant Of Choice For Entrepreneurs And Inventors’.

Robert’s firm works with businesses of all sizes, including numerous tech and tech-startups, incorporated professionals, and family-run businesses.

Robert has co-authored a number of business books, and has been a guest lecturer at every Toronto-area University and College.  He has also recorded over 700 podcasts focusing on entrepreneurs, technology, and the entertainment industry.

Robert believes he’s in the ‘business of giving information away!’.

Episode list


Bruce Croxon

Managing Partner at Round13 Capital

Althea Wishloff

Head of Growth at Koble

Konata Lake

Partner at Torys LLP

Abhijeet Sarkar

CEO of TypeSift

Doug Sutherland

Chief Technology Officer at Soundpays Inc

Kevin Crigger

President of the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board

Roya Kachooei

Co-founder & CEO of Walletifai

Guy Kawasaki

Chief Evangelist at Canva

Tariq Fancy

Founder and CEO of The Rumie Initiative

Anthony Di Iorio

Co-founder of Ethereum and CEO at Decentral

Abdullah Snobar

Executive Director at the DMZ & CEO of DMZ Ventures

Nicholas Reichenbach

Founder, Flow Alkaline Spring Water

Rachel Zimmer

General Manager, Entrepreneur First

Mohamed Lachemi

President & Vice Chancellor, Toronto Metropolitan University

Marie Chevrier

CEO & Founder of Sampler

Marc Lafleur

CEO and Co-Founder of truLOCAL

Harley Finkelstein

President, Shopify

Sabrina Geremia

Country Director, Google Canada

Arlene Dickinson

General Partner, District Ventures Capital

Claude Guay

President & General Manager, IBM Canada