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Black Innovation Programs

Empowering the next wave of Black-owned tech startups


For Women Founders ready to build and validate their prototype

The Bootcamp is a 16 week program that helps early-stage tech founders validate their business idea, establish a minimum viable product and build a roadmap for implementation to launch a startup.

Through the DMZ’s Bootcamp, startups with at least one woman-identifying founder receive an additional layer of startup support and resources.

What women founders get

While the Bootcamp is open to all founders, women founders can tap into an additional stream of programming and benefits. View our Bootcamp page for full program details. Women founders in our Bootcamp get:

  • More 1:1 support from the DMZ team
  • Women founders peer-to-peer sessions and community events
  • Amplified company exposure and heightened visibility through marketing and PR opportunities
  • Exclusive access to additional resources, discounts and events

Selection criteria

To join the Women Founders Bootcamp, you must:

  • Have at least one participating woman-identifying founder and ideally, a dedicated tech lead
  • Have a business idea dedicated to solving a compelling problem using innovative technology
  • Have completed basic market research to understand the problem/solution
  • Have the potential to transition into the DMZ Incubator program at the end of the Bootcamp
  • Be driven, coachable, and collaborative

Your journey

Join the DMZ Women Founders Bootcamp.
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When applying, remember to self-identify as a woman founder. Join an exclusive cohort ready to build the next generation of powerhouse tech companies.
Gain a solid understanding of building a startup.
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Our expert-led sessions will give you a strong foundation on all areas of your business: product, sales, marketing, go-to-market strategy, fundraising, leadership and more.
Finalize your product development.
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Working on a prototype or minimal viable product? This is your chance to finalize it.
Become market ready.
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Build and execute an effective go-to-market strategy to start validating your product.
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